Non Ferrous Metals

We are involved in manufacturing a vast range of Non Ferrous Metal Ingots & Alloy. Our range is critically appreciated for such features as finishing, desired chemical composition, timely delivery, strength and corrosion resistance.

Zinc Ingots

Lead Alloy Ingots

Lead Selenium AlloyGet Quotation

Lead Selenium Alloy

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Lead Antimony Alloy

Pure Lead Ingots

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Pure Lead Ingots

Zinc Alloy Ingots

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Zinc Alloy Ingot

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Zinc Aluminum Ingots

Tin Solder Sticks

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Tin Solder Sticks

Aluminium Ingots

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Aluminum Alloy Ingots

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Aluminum Ingot

White Metal Ingots

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White Metal Ingots

ZAMAC Alloy Ingot

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ZAMAC Alloy Ingot

Copper Scrap & Bronze Ingots

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Copper Scrap

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Bronze Ingots

Raw Materials

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Zinc Scrap

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Lead Scrap

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Remelted Lead

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Aluminum Scrap